Progame Fitness Mat

Progame Fitness Mat


A handy, practical, functional and extremely lightweight fitness mat. These are the features that make the ProGame Tatami item stand out, and which make it the ideal solution for those wanting to practice floor exercises without having to install a bulky surface. Made from cross-linked expanded polyethylene foam, this fitness mat features 4 specially designed grooves for easy folding and which provide effortless closing and handling. It can be used for postural gymnastics, general fitness exercises, yoga or low-impact exercise.


Length: 1800mm

Width: 510mm

thickness: 7mm


  • Made of mono-density cross-linked expanded polyethylene foam
  • Extremely lightweight thanks to the cell structure of the foam
  • Comfortable: the foam used provides a comfortable surface for exercising
  • Insulating: the cross-linked polyethylene foam provides excellent thermal insulation against cold floors, for a greater sense of wellbeing when using the mat
  • Practical: handy grooves make it easy to fold up and put away